Monday, 30 March 2009


This is a man advertising about global warming, seemingly melted into the street. Having a human element of an advert is interesting, and can generate even more buzz about the cause, and they have an opportunity to explain more, people remember more if they have a conversation about something. But obviously it can be hard to pay/get someone to act on the streets all day long.

Street ads

This is a good way of using the perpective street art that is being seen nowadays, this campaign is about road safety and watching where you go, and i think these illustrate that fact, yet stay fun and non-offensive. They are fun in themselves due to the perspective nature of them, and get people talking about it. Especially if they havnt seen this type of art before.


This advert would be on a parking space, it gives people an immediate comparison in which they can relate and drives the point home - that people live in conditions like this. Getting people to understand issues simply like this really works. A clear point.

Loving the snow?

A very cheap yet effective campaign from, immediately gets the message across, yet very cheap to manufacture.

car crash

A rather horrific piece of guerrilla advertising from thailand and New Zealand, staging a car crash in an attempt to get people to slow down. The New Zealand one has a sign later that says "Is a crash the only thing that will make you slow down?" again hard hitting but makes its point well, violence and death are something that people will always take notice of, this can be utilised in campaigns if the conditions are right.


Landmines as stickers on the floor, this idea is good, but the landmines would have to be replaced constantly to hit the maximum amount of people, it also could irritate people with stickers on their feet. But it is a good way of working with the local area to get people to talk.

ban snares

This is a campaign to ban snares. Using people caught in supposedly caught in snares in a demonstration, they get across their message very strongly, and bring the reality of snares to everyone who sees the demonstration. This is hard hitting campaign, but the issue they are conveying is strong enough that is deserves such treatment.


Abacus advertising on the streets on india, this is campaigning for the better education of street children. Its interactive and clever, making use of things already in the street.

chalk outline

A chalk outline, this one advertising M&M's has the familar outline of one of the M&M's character. Things like this attract people to them, as people always want to look when something bad happens or has happened. The chalk outline gets people to talk about it, even if people disagree with the method, it gets them talking about it. If this is applied to something more serious, it make shock people enough to help out a cause.
The second is an anti-smoking campaign, using the same sort of idea.

fake floor

This piece of advertising adds a picture to the floor of a lift. It puts people in a situation and forces them to think about it. Bringing the reality of other countries to this one is one of the main themes we've decided to go for in this brief.

More guerrilla advertising ideas in video format. Guerrilla advertising takes the advert away from the plain billboard or sign and makes the advert react with everyday life, it becomes an event instead of just another poster.

guerrila advertising

"Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget."

This is the type of advertising we're looking into. Its more exciting than standard advertising, makes people look and talk about it more than the standard advertising, especially people in the target age group, if people talk about it they're more likely to remember it when they get home, when they have access to a computer and can start to get involved. Standard adverts are often forgotten and dont really leave an impact.

The video above has several ideas for different ways other people have done this type of advert.

dont hate the media, become the media

Subvertising, or corrupting adverts and taking your own "unofficial" ads to the street is something we're looking into, people take more notice when its something different to the norm, i think its good to try and get people to talk about issues, and people of our target audience do enjoy subvertising and it gets conversations started.

no more landmines

Several sites with a lot of information on landmines, their are many organisations around the world that are commited to ridding the world of landmines.